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Spot Plus is an AI-powered trading platform for the spot crypto markets. The SpotPlus trading platform allows users to connect their app to their Binance or Kucoin exchange, fund their account for gas, and start trading immediately.

Spot Plus has created an AI token on the Stellar blockchain, the SPOT token, which is used as a utility token on the Spot Plus platform. The token is used for creating value for the platform, giving rewards to holders, and covering gas fees for trading on the platform.

Spot Plus offers a referral program where anyone who invites someone to the platform will receive 10% in USDT at the same instant the transaction is confirmed.

Users who hold SPOT tokens can earn rewards based on their staked amount. The initial reward is 3%, which will increase over time. Holders of a minimum of 100k SPOT tokens will have zero fees for trading on the Spot Plus platform.

Spot Plus has a roadmap that includes the launch of the platform in 2022, expansion into new markets, the addition of new features, and continued growth and innovation.

Spot Plus aims to make trading easier for all levels of traders, from beginners to experienced traders, by providing advanced trading tools and features. Join Spot Plus and start trading smarter today.

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