📌Use-case of spot token

Creating Value for the Platform:

  • The Spot Plus Token will be used to create value for the platform by providing benefits and rewards for token holders.

  • The platform will have a wide range of use cases for the Spot Plus Token, which will create demand and increase the value of the token.

  • By using the Spot Plus Token, users will be able to access advanced features of the platform, which will further enhance the value of the token.

Listing on Centralized Exchanges:

  • The Spot Plus Token will be listed on centralized exchanges in the future.

  • Listing on centralized exchanges will increase the visibility and accessibility of the token, which will lead to increased demand and liquidity.

  • As a result, the value of the token is likely to increase, providing more benefits to token holders.

Providing Bonus/Rewards for Holders:

  • Holders of the Spot Plus Token will receive bonus/rewards in the form of SPOT.

  • The rewards will be distributed on a monthly basis, and the amount of rewards will be based on the number of tokens held by the user.

  • This feature incentivises users to hold the Spot Plus Token, which will increase demand and value.

Covering Gas Fee for Trading on Platform:

  • In the future, the Spot Plus Token will be used to cover gas fees for trading on the Spot Plus platform.

  • This will reduce trading costs for users, which will attract more users to the platform.

  • As more users trade on the platform, the demand for the Spot Plus Token is likely to increase, leading to an increase in value.

Zero Trading Fee for Large Holders:

  • Users who hold a minimum of 100,000 Spot Plus Tokens will have zero trading fees on the platform.

  • This provides a significant advantage for large token holders and incentivizes users to hold a higher number of tokens.

  • This feature also creates demand for the Spot Plus Token, which will increase its value.

Secure Storage of Funds:

  • Spot Plus uses an API-based trading system, which means that users do not have direct access to their funds.

  • This provides a secure way to store funds, as they are not held in a centralised wallet that could be vulnerable to hacks or attacks.

  • Funds are only accessible by the Spot Plus app, which is programmed to execute trades based on predefined settings set by the user.

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