💵Stake Spot Token & Earn

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide for the idea of staking SPOT tokens and earning rewards, as well as enjoying zero gas fee for trading:

  1. Hold SPOT tokens: The first step is to acquire SPOT tokens by participating in the sale or buying them from a cryptocurrency exchange that lists SPOT.

  2. Create a wallet: You will need a Stellar-compatible wallet to hold your SPOT tokens. You can use any wallet that supports Stellar, such as Lobstr, Stellarport, or Ledger.

  3. Add trustline: To be able to receive rewards for staking your SPOT tokens, you need to add a trustline to your wallet for the SPOT token. This is necessary to make sure that your wallet recognizes the SPOT token and allows you to hold it.

  4. Staking: Once you have added the trustline, you can start staking your SPOT tokens by keeping your spot tokens in your wallet and by just registration of your public wallet on website which will be live according to roadmap. And you will receive rewards on monthly basis.

  5. Earn rewards: You will receive rewards based on the amount of SPOT tokens you have staked and the length of time you have staked them. The reward rate will start at 7% per year and will increase over time.

  6. Zero gas fee: If you hold a certain amount of SPOT tokens, usually a minimum of 100,000 SPOT tokens, you will be eligible for zero gas fee for trading on the Spot Plus platform. This means that you will not have to pay any gas fees when you make profit on your trades.

By following these steps, you can stake your SPOT tokens and earn rewards while also enjoying zero gas fee for trading on the Spot Plus platform.

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